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Disponibilità, professionalità, esperienza, sono queste le qualità che ci caratterizzano, tutti i collaboratori si adoperano per garantire a VOI clienti la massima rapidità, cortesia e competenza.

Cosa facciamo

Le nostre attività si concentrano sull'autodemolizione e sul riciclaggio delle componenti, effettuiamo  vendita ricambi nuovi ed usati e tanto altro ancora.


Incontra il nostro TEAM

Il nostro TEAM è sempre a disposizione della clientela, contattaci via mail o telefono e fissa un'appuntamento con un nostro responsabile.


Learn Chinese Fast By Easy Tips

Learn Chinese Fast By Easy Tips

Before his death at the age of 62, Doctor. Usui had trained greater than 200 people in the art of Reiki healing. Doctor. Chujiro Hayashi became his successor after his the loss.

On the 15th day, the main Lion Dance Troupe comes about Travel China Guide . Many dancers take part in this festive dance with various costumes along with the main Lion Costume as the focus.

I want people to love my jewelry as much as I intimacy new products. Etsy is a delightful showcase for my work, and I am grateful whenever I acquire a sale. I like my shop to get even bigger with could be addition of new pieces.

China sets a growth target of approximately 11 percent for industrial output in 2012, issue goal as was set for this year, the Ministry of Industry and knowledge Technology said on its website the previous day. Industrial production will probably grow 13.9 percent this year, China Tourism Radio reported separately yesterday, citing comments by Minister Miao Wei at a celebration.

China was very considering this deal because it wanted to learn better methods for extracting shale gas. May possibly then use these methods to tackle its coal-bed methane deposits.

Staying alert and satisfying those rumbling moments on road could be easily be solved a few great dried fruits like banana, mango or pineapple, or wheat grains crackers with peanut butter or a bag of varied nuts. These high protein snacks help you maintain your blood sugar levels to aid you awake and also help neural chemistry has to create neurochemicals that account to keep you alert.

If you search for bargains, then try select low time of the year. Check out the festive season in town or country you will visit. For example, purchase du l?ch trung qu?c, Chinese can best time year to obtain the best profit margins. Also, if you are visiting singapore election from the summer or during Grand Prix event is interesting time on the cheapest and finest discount rates see. Can be a tourists flock from throughout the world to these places money-back guarantee is the Hauptreisezeit once the prices or mostly at its height.

The climate is cool temperate with an average annual temperature of 7.2 C, with means of 1 C in January and 17 C in July. Total annual rainfall is 661 mm, 80% of which occurs between May and October.